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The StandDown Texas Project identifies and advocates best practices in the criminal justice system. To stand down is to go off duty temporarily, especially to review safety procedures. That is what Texas needs to do with its death penalty.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Will HPD Crime Lab Force Moratorium?

A civil rights lawsuit has been filed in federal district court in Houston regarding the scheduled October 26 execution of Dominique Green. Ballistics testing played a part of Green's conviction, and ballistics testing procedures have come under criticism in the HPD crime lab scandal.

It was the discovery of 280 boxes of uncataloged evidence, however, that renewed calls for a moratorium on Harris County executions, and that is the basis for the lawsuit.

The Dallas Morning New distills the crime lab mess:

And, on the heels of its excellent series on forensic science, the Chicago Tribune focuses on Houston:,1,3821734.story

As problems continue, expect to see more national attention to Houston.


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